In this case that seems like a small price to pay for

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Unformatted text preview: s required. If the branch was incorrectly predicted, then the branch function unit will signal the instruction fetch control unit, and this unit will take corrective action. In either case, the other operations do not depend on the outcome of the jump operation. Figure 5.14 shows the same translation into operations but with integer addition as the combining operation. As the graphical depiction shows, all of the operations, except load, now require just one cycle. Scheduling of Operations with Unlimited Resources To see how a processor would execute a series of iterations, imagine first a processor with an unlimited number of functional units and with perfect branch prediction. Each operation could then begin as soon as its data operands were available. The performance of such a processor would be limited only by the latencies and throughputs of the functional units, and the data dependencies in the program. Figure 5.15 shows the computation graph for the first three iterations of the loop in combine4 with integer m...
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