In this case the linker must either ag an error or

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Unformatted text preview: n decompose it into smaller, more manageable modules that can be modified and compiled separately. When we change one of these modules, we simply recompile it and relink the application, without having to recompile the other files. Linking is usually handled quietly by the linker, and is not an important issue for students who are building small programs in introductory programming classes. So why bother learning about linking? ¯ ¯ Understanding linkers will help you build large programs. Programmers who build large programs often encounter linker errors caused by missing modules, missing libraries, or incompatible library versions. Unless you understand how a linker resolves references, what a library is, and how a linker uses a library to resolve references, these kinds of errors will be baffling and frustrating. Understanding linkers will help you avoid dangerous programming errors. The decisions that Unix linkers make when they resolve symbol references can silently affect the correctness of y...
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