In this chapter we will learn the details of a

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Unformatted text preview: s. C. Modify the code to run properly on any machine for which int’s are at least 16 bits. Homework Problem 2.37 [Category 1]: You just started working for a company that is implementing a set of procedures to operate on a data structure where four signed bytes are packed into a 32-bit unsigned. Bytes within the word are numbered from 0 (least significant) to 3 (most significant). You have been assigned the task of implementing a function for a machine using two’s complement arithmetic and arithmetic right shifts with the following prototype: /* Declaration of data type where 4 bytes are packed into an unsigned */ typedef unsigned packed_t; /* Extract byte from word. Return as signed integer */ int xbyte(packed_t word, int bytenum); That is, the function will extract the designated byte and sign extend it to be a 32-bit int. Your predecessor (who was fired for his incompetence) wrote the following code: /* Failed attempt at xbyte */ int xbyte(packed_t word, int bytenum) { return (word >> (bytenum << 3)) & 0xFF; }...
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