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Unformatted text preview: IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE—pronounced “I-Triple-E”) is a professional society that encompasses all of electronic and computer technology. They publish journals, sponsor conferences, and set up committees to define standards on topics ranging from power transmission to software engineering. End Aside. In this section we will see how numbers are represented in the IEEE floating-point format. We will also explore issues of rounding, when a number cannot be represented exactly in the format and hence must be 2.4. FLOATING POINT 67 adjusted upward or downward. We will then explore the mathematical properties of addition, multiplication, and relational operators. Many programmers consider floating point to be, at best, uninteresting and at worst, arcane and incomprehensible. We will see that since the IEEE format is based on a small and consistent set of principles, it is really quite elegant and understandable. 2.4.1 Fractional Binary Numbers A first step in und...
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