Instead software interpreters process the byte code

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Unformatted text preview: computer systems wrote a fascinating account of the development of OS/360, an early operating system for IBM machines [5] that still provides important object lessons today. He became a devoted believer in high-level languages for systems programming as a result of this effort. Surprisingly, however, there is an active group of programmers who take great pleasure in writing assembly code for IA32. The communicate with one another via the Internet news group comp.lang.asm.x86. Most of them write computer games for the DOS operating system. End Aside. Early compilers for higher-level programming languages did not generate very efficient code and did not provide access to the low-level object representations, as is often required by systems programmers. Programs requiring maximum performance or requiring access to object representations were still often written in assembly code. Nowadays, however, optimizing compilers have largely removed performance optimization as a reason for writing in assembly code. Code generated...
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