Instead the compiler will allocate 12 bytes for

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Unformatted text preview: o that of arrays in that all of the components of a structure are stored in a contiguous region of memory, and a pointer to a structure is the address of its first byte. The compiler maintains information about each structure type indicating the byte offset of each field. It generates references to structure elements using these offsets as displacements in memory referencing instructions. New to C? The struct data type constructor is the closest thing C provides to the objects of C++ and Java. It allows the programmer to keep information about some entity in a single data structure, and reference that information with names. For example, a graphics program might represent a rectangle as a structure: struct rect { int llx; int lly; int color; int width; int height; }; /* /* /* /* /* X coordinate of lower-left corner */ Y coordinate of lower-left corner */ Coding of color */ Width (in pixels) */ Height (in pixels) */ We could declare a variable r of type struct rect and set its field values as follows: 154 CHAPTER 3. MACHINE-LEVEL REPRESEN...
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