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Unformatted text preview: side: Internet vs. internet. We will always use lower-case internet to denote the general concept, and upper-case Internet to denote a specific implementation, namely the global IP Internet. End Aside. 609 Each router has an adapter (port) for each network that it is connected to. Routers can also connect highspeed point-to-point phone connections, which are examples of networks known as WANs (Wide-Area Networks), so called because they span larger geographical areas than LANs. In general, routers can be used to build internets from arbitrary collections of LANs and WANs. For example, Figure 12.6 shows an example internet with a pair of LANs and WANs connected by three routers. host LAN router WAN router WAN router host ... host host host ... host LAN Figure 12.6: A small internet. Two LANs and two WANs are connected by three routers. The crucial property of an internet is that it can consist of different LANs and WANs with radically different and incompatible technologies. Each host is physically connected to every other host, but how is it possible for som...
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