It recognizes that the loop will access the elements

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Unformatted text preview: (line 12), and that scanf reads values 0x46 and 0x53 from the standard input. Assume that the string "%x %x" is stored at memory location 0x300070. A. What value does %ebp get set to on line 3? B. At what addresses are local variables x and y stored? C. What is the value of %esp at line 11? D. Draw a diagram of the stack frame for proc right after scanf returns. Include as much information as you can about the addresses and the contents of the stack frame elements. E. Indicate the regions of the stack frame that are not used by proc (these wasted areas are allocated to improve the cache performance). 3.7.5 Recursive Procedures The stack and linkage conventions described in the previous section allow procedures to call themselves recursively. Since each call has its own private space on the stack, the local variables of the multiple outstanding calls do not interfere with one another. Furthermore, the stack discipline naturally provides the proper policy for allocating local stora...
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