L3 movl ecxeax subl edxeax l3 a what subtractions are

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Unformatted text preview: an incompatibility with many other compilers. Nonetheless, this can be a useful way to keep the amount of machine-dependent code to an absolute minimum. Inline assembly is documented as part of the GCC information archive. Executing the command info gcc on any machine with GCC installed will give a hierarchical document reader. Inline assembly is documented by first following the link titled “C Extensions” and then the link titled “Extended Asm.” Unfortunately, the documentation is somewhat incomplete and imprecise. The basic form of inline assembly is to write code that looks like a procedure call: asm( code-string ); where code-string is an assembly code sequence given as a quoted string. The compiler will insert this string verbatim into the assembly code being generated, and hence the compiler-supplied and the usersupplied assembly will be combined. The compiler does not check the string for errors, and so the first indication of a problem might be an error report from the asse...
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