Level two optimization is a good compromise between

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Unformatted text preview: exadecimal representation 0x40490FDB. Of course, all of these are just approximations, since is not rational. A. What is the fractional binary number denoted by this floating-point value? B. What is the fractional binary representation of ¾¾ ? [Hint: See Problem 2.46]. diverge? C. At what bit position (relative to the binary point) do these two approximations to Chapter 3 Machine-Level Representation of C Programs When programming in a high-level language, such as C, we are shielded from the detailed, machine-level implementation of our program. In contrast, when writing programs in assembly code, a programmer must specify exactly how the program manages memory and the low-level instructions the program uses to carry out the computation. Most of the time, it is much more productive and reliable to work at the higher level of abstraction provided by a high-level language. The type checking provided by a compiler helps detect many program errors and makes sure we reference and manipulate data in consistent ways. With modern, optimizing compilers, the g...
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