Lines 1 and 2 tell us that the rst segment the code

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Unformatted text preview: ation programmers could link into their executables: unix> gcc main.c /usr/lib/libc.o This approach has the advantage that it would decouple the implementation of the standard functions from the implementation of the compiler, and would still be reasonably convenient for programmers. However, a 362 CHAPTER 7. LINKING big disadvantage is that every executable file in a system would now contain a complete copy of the collection of standard functions, which would be extremely wasteful of disk space. (On a typical system, libc.a is about 8 MB and libm.a is about 1 MB.) Worse, each running program would now contain its own copy of these functions in memory, which would be extremely wasteful of memory. Another big disadvantage is that any change to any standard function, no matter how small, would require the library developer to recompile the entire source file, a time-consuming operation that would complicate the development and maintenance of the standard functions. We could address some of these problems by creating a separate relocatable file for each standard function and storing them in a well-known directory. However thi...
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