Naive programmers often incorrectly assume that

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Unformatted text preview: area struct. If the instruction is not legal, then the fault handler triggers a segmentation fault, which terminates the process. This situation is labeled “1” in Figure 10.30. Because a process can create an arbitrary number of new virtual memory areas (using the mmap system call described later in Section 10.8), a sequential search of the list of area structs might be very costly. So in practice, Linux superimposes a tree on the list, using some fields that we have not shown, and performs the search on this tree. 2. Is the attempted memory access legal? In other words, does the process have permission to read or write the pages in this area? For example, was the page fault the result of a store instruction trying to write to a read-only page in the code segment? Is the page fault the result of a process running in user mode that is attempting to read a word from kernel virtual memory? If the attempted access is not legal, then the fault handler triggers a protection exception, which termin...
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