Nick carter and vinny furia generously provided their

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Unformatted text preview: ecial thanks to our 15-213 students, whose infectious energy and enthusiasm spurred us on. Nick Carter and Vinny Furia generously provided their malloc package. Chris Lee, Mathilde Pignol, and Zia Khan identified typos in early drafts. Guy Blelloch, Bruce Maggs, and Todd Mowry taught the course over multiple semesters, gave us encouragement, and helped improve the course material. Herb Derby provided early spiritual guidance and encouragement. Allan Fisher, Garth Gibson, Thomas Gross, Satya, Peter Steenkiste, and Hui Zhang encouraged us to develop the course from the start. A suggestion from Garth early on got the whole ball rolling, and this was picked up and refined with the help of a group led by Allan Fisher. Mark Stehlik and Peter Lee have been very supportive about building this material into the undergraduate curriculum. Greg Kesden provided iv PREFACE helpful feedback. Greg Ganger and Jiri Schindler graciously provided some disk drive characterizations and answered our questions on modern disks. Tom Stricker showed us the memory mountain. A special group of students, Khalil Amiri, Angela Demke Brown, Chris Colohan, Jason Crawford, Peter Dinda, Julio Lopez, Bruce Lowekamp, Jeff Pierce, Sanjay Rao, Blake Scholl, Greg Steffan, T...
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