On a typical system libca is about 8 mb and libma is

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Unformatted text preview: contain program data, and others contain data structures that guide the linker and loader. A linker concatenates blocks together, decides on run-time locations for the concatenated blocks, and modifies various locations within the code and data blocks. Linkers have minimal understanding of the target machine. The compilers and assemblers that generate the object files have already done most of the work. 7.3 Object Files Object files come in three forms: ¯ ¯ ¯ Relocatable object file. Contains binary code and data in a form that can be combined with other relocatable object files at compile time to create an executable object file. Executable object file. Contains binary code and data in a form that can be copied directly into memory and executed. Shared object file. A special type of relocatable object file that can be loaded into memory and linked dynamically, at either load time or run time. Compilers and assemblers generate relocatable object files (including shared object files). Linkers generate executable object files. Technically, an object modul...
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