On the other hand b and c do not run concurrently

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Unformatted text preview: 28 <relo3+0x28> 0x0(%esi),%esi $0x5,%eax 28 <relo3+0x28> $0x6,%eax %ebp,%esp %ebp (b) .text section of relocatable object file. This is the jump table for the switch statement 1 2 0000 28000000 15000000 25000000 18000000 0010 18000000 20000000 4 words at offsets 0x0,0x4,0x8, and 0xc 2 words at offsets 0x10 and 0x14 (c) .rodata section of relocatable object file. Figure 7.21: Example code for Problem 7.14. 390 CHAPTER 7. LINKING Chapter 8 Exceptional Control Flow From the time you first apply power to a processor until the time you shut it off, the program counter assumes a sequence of values ¼ ½ Ò ½ where each is the address of some corresponding instruction Á . Each transition from to ·½ is called a control transfer. A sequence of such control transfers is called the flow of control, or control flow of the processor. The simplest kind of control flow is a smooth sequence where each Á and Á ·½ are adjacent in memory. Typically, abrupt changes to this smooth flow,...
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