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Unformatted text preview: collection of ASCII text files, has been transformed into a single binary file that contains all of the information needed to load the program into memory and run it. Figure 7.11 summarizes the kinds of information in a typical ELF executable file. 0 maps contiguous file sections to runtime memory segments ELF header Segment header table .init .text .rodata .data .bss .symtab .debug .line describes object file sections .strtab Section header table symbol table and debugging info are not loaded into memory read/write memory segment (data segment) read-only memory segment (code segment) Figure 7.11: Typical ELF executable object file The format of an executable object file is similar to that of a relocatable object file. The ELF header describes the overall format of the file. It also includes the program’s entry point, which is the address of the first instruction to execute when the program runs. The .text, .rodata, and .data sections are similar to those in a relocatable obj...
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