Rule 3 given multiple weak symbols choose any of the

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Unformatted text preview: our programs. Programs that incorrectly define multiple global variables pass through the linker without any warnings in the default case. The resulting programs can exhibit baffling run-time behavior and are extremely difficult to debug. We will show you how this happens and how to avoid it. Understanding linking will help you understand how language scoping rules are implemented. For example, what is the difference between global and local variables? What does it really mean when you define a variable or function with the static attribute? Understanding linking will help you understand other important systems concepts. The executable object files produced by linkers play key roles in important systems functions such as loading and running programs, virtual memory, paging, and memory mapping. 349 ¯ ¯ 350 CHAPTER 7. LINKING ¯ Understanding linking will enable you to exploit shared libraries. For many years, linking was considered to be fairly straightforward and uninteresting. However,...
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