Shriver and b smith anatomy of a high performance

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Unformatted text preview: strong symbol defined in Module 1 over the weak symbol defined in Module 2 (Rule 2): (a) REF(main.1) --> DEF(main.1) (b) REF(main.2) --> DEF(main.1) B. This is an ERROR, because each module defines a strong symbol main (Rule 1). C. The linker chooses the strong symbol defined in Module 2 over the weak symbol defined in Module 1 (Rule 2): (a) REF(x.1) --> DEF(x.2) (b) REF(x.2) --> DEF(x.2) Problem 7.3 Solution: [Pg. 365] Placing static libraries in the wrong order on the command line is a common source of linker errors that confuses many programmers. However, once you understand how linkers use static libraries to resolve references, it’s pretty straightforward. This little drill checks your understanding of this idea: A. gcc p.o libx.a B. gcc p.o libx.a liby.a C. gcc p.o libx.a liby.a libx.a Problem 7.4 Solution: [Pg. 369] This problem concerns the disassembly listing in Figure 7.10. Our purpose here is to give you some practice reading disassembly listings and to check your unde...
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