The memory hierarchy 61 storage technologies much of

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Unformatted text preview: e lower-case conversion routine, although this is highly unlikely. Our run times are sufficiently short that we cannot expect very high accuracy with these timings. We hypothesized that the poor performance with a larger table was due to a poor choice of hash function. Simply summing the character codes does not produce a very wide range of values and does not differentiate according to the ordering of the characters. For example, the words “god” and “dog” would hash to location ½ ·½ ·½ , since they contain the same characters. The word “foe” would also hash to this location, since ½ · ½ · ½ . We switched to a hash function that uses shift and EXCLUSIVE - OR operations. With this version, shown as “Better Hash,” the time drops to 0.84 seconds. A more systematic approach would be to study the distribution of keys among the buckets more carefully, making sure that it comes close to what one would expect if the hash function had a uniform output distribution. Finally, we have reduced the run time to the point whe...
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