The c compiler even produces the following error

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Unformatted text preview: sfy the alignment requirements for fields i and j by making sure that the starting address of the structure satisfies a 4-byte alignment requirement. Consider, however, the following declaration: struct S2 d[4]; With the 9-byte allocation, it is not possible to satisfy the alignment requirement for each element of d, because these elements will have addresses Üd , Üd · , Üd · ½ , and Üd · ¾ . Instead the compiler will allocate 12 bytes for structure S1, with the final 3 bytes being wasted space: Offset Contents 0 i 4 j 8 c ·¾ 9 XXX , and Üd · ¿ . As long as Üd is a That way the elements of d will have addresses Üd , Üd · ½¾, Üd multiple of 4, all of the alignment restrictions will be satisfied. 162 CHAPTER 3. MACHINE-LEVEL REPRESENTATION OF C PROGRAMS Practice Problem 3.23: For each of the following structure declarations, determine the offset of each field, the total size of the structure, and its alignment requirement under Linux/IA32. A. struct P1 { int i; char c; int j; char d; }; B. struct P2...
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