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Unformatted text preview: ect file, except that these sections have been relocated to their eventual run-time memory addresses. The .init section defines a small function, called init, that will be called by the program’s initialization code. Since the executable is fully linked (relocated), it needs no .relo sections. ELF executables are designed to be easy to load into memory, with contiguous chunks of the executable file mapped to contiguous memory segments. This mapping is described by the segment header table. Figure 7.12 shows the segment header table for our example executable p, as displayed by OBJDUMP. From the segment header table, we see that two memory segments will be initialized with the contents of the executable object file. Lines 1 and 2 tell us that the first segment (the code segment) is aligned to a 4 KB (¾½¾ ) boundary, has read/execute permissions, starts at memory address 0x08048000, has a total memory size of 0x448 bytes, and is initialized with the first 0x448 bytes of the executable object file, which includes the ELF he...
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