The basic strategy is to try to make loops more

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Unformatted text preview: new variables, changing loop bounds, and making the code more complex overall. In addition, it is important to notice any unusual or unexpected changes in performance. As we have shown, the selection of the benchmark data can make a big difference in performance comparisons due to performance anomalies, and because we are only executing short instruction sequences. 5.15 Identifying and Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks Up to this point, we have only considered optimizing small programs, where there is some clear place in the program that requires optimization. When working with large programs, even knowing where to focus our optimizations efforts can be difficult. In this section we describe how to use code profilers, analysis tools that collect performance data about a program as it executes. We also present a general principle of system optimization known as Amdahl’s Law. 5.15.1 Program Profiling Program profiling involves running a version of a program in which instrumentation code has been incorpora...
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