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Unformatted text preview: them and returning them to the free list. Garbage collectors for languages like ML and Java, which exert tight control over how applications create and use pointers, can maintain an exact representation of the reachability graph, and thus can reclaim all garbage. However, collectors for languages like C and C++ cannot in general maintain exact representations 548 CHAPTER 10. VIRTUAL MEMORY Root nodes Heap nodes reachable Not-reachable (garbage) Figure 10.51: A garbage collector’s view of memory as a directed graph. of the reachability graph. Such collectors are known as conservative garbage collectors. They are conservative in the sense that each reachable block is correctly identified as reachable, while some unreachable nodes might be incorrectly identified as reachable. Collectors can provide their service on demand, or they can run as separate threads in parallel with the application, continuously updating the reachability graph and reclaiming garbage. For example, consider how we might incorporate a con...
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