The compiler will insert this string verbatim into

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Unformatted text preview: ion fsts Ö fstps Ö fstl Ö fstpl Ö fstt Ö fstpt Ö fistl Ö fistpl Ö fst %st( ) fstp %st( ) Pop (Y/N) N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y Destination Format Single Single Double Double Extended Extended integer integer Extended Extended Destination Location ÅÑ Ö ÅÑ Ö ÅÑ Ö ÅÑ Ö Å Ñ½¼ Ö Å Ñ½¼ Ö ÅÑ Ö ÅÑ Ö %st( ) %st( ) Figure 3.31: Floating-Point Store Instructions. All convert from extended-precision format to the destination format. Instructions with suffix ‘ p’ pop the top element off the stack. stack contents after each instruction testl %eax,%eax %st(1) %st(0) jne L11 fstp %st(0) jmp L9 L11: %st(0) fstp %st(1) L9: %st(0) Write a C expression describing the contents of the top stack element at the end of this code sequence in terms of x, a and b. A final floating-point data movement operation allows the contents of two floating-point registers to be swapped. The instruction fxch %st( ) exchanges the contents of floating-point registers %st(0) and %st( ). The notation fxch writ...
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