The exact meaning of the backlog argument requires an

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Unformatted text preview: s, cliport is the client’s port, servaddr is the server’s IP address, and servport is the server’s port. For example, Figure 12.13 shows a connection between a Web client and a Web server. In this example, the Web client’s socket address is 12.4. UNIX FILE I/O client socket address server socket address 619 client connection socket pair ( :51213, server (port 80) server host address client host address Figure 12.13: Anatomy of an Internet connection where port 51213 is an ephemeral port assigned by the kernel. The Web server’s socket address is where port 80 is the well-known port associated with Web services. Given these client and server socket addresses, the connection between the client and server is uniquely identified by the socket pair (, 1208.216.181.15:80). In Section 12.5 we will learn how C programs use the sockets interface to establish connections between clients and servers. But since sockets are modeled in Unix as files, we must...
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