The experimental setup must control some sources of

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Unformatted text preview: in our ability to accurately predict the actual computation time for the procedure as a function of Ö . We then measured performance using the à -best scheme with parameters à ¿, ¯ ¼ ¼¼½, and Å ¿¼. We did this for a number of values of Ö to get expected run times in a range from 0.27 to 50 milliseconds. For each of the resulting measurements Å ´Ö µ we computed the measurement error Ñ ´Ö µ as Ñ ´Ö µ ´Å ´Ö µ Ì ´Ö µµ Ì ´Ö µ. Figure 9.14 shows an experimental validation of the à -best scheme on an Intel Pentium III running Linux. In this figure we show the measurement error Ñ ´Ö µ as a function of Ì ´Ö µ, where we show Ì ´Ö µ in units of milliseconds. Note that we show Ñ ´Ö µ on a logarithmic scale; each horizontal line represents an order of magnitude difference in measurement error. In order to be accurate within 1% we must have an error below ¼ ¼½. We do not attempt to show any errors smaller than ¼ ¼¼½ (i.e., 0.1%), since our...
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