The memory referencing instructions of ia32 are

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Unformatted text preview: urce shared by all of the procedures. Although only one procedure can be active at a given time, we must make sure that when one procedure (the caller) calls another (the callee), the callee does not overwrite some register value that the caller planned to use later. For this reason, IA32 adopts a uniform set of conventions for register usage that must be respected by all procedures, including those in program libraries. By convention, registers %eax, %edx, and %ecx are classified as caller save registers. When procedure Q is called by P, it can overwrite these registers without destroying any data required by P. On the other hand, registers %ebx, %esi, and %edi are classified as callee save registers. This means that Q must save the values of any of these registers on the stack before overwriting them, and restore them before returning, because P (or some higher level procedure) may need these values for its future computations. In addition, registers %ebp and %esp must be maintained according to the conventions describe...
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