The model consists of 1 a large set of programmers

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Unformatted text preview: s to mainframe computers. And it has renewed interest in the idea of open source software pioneered by the GNU project in the 1980s. We believe that a number of factors have contributed to the popularity of GNU/Linux systems: ¯ ¯ Linux is relatively small. With about one million ( ) lines of source code, the Linux kernel is significantly smaller than comparable commercial operating systems. We recently saw a version of Linux running on a wristwatch! Linux is robust. The code development model for Linux is unique, and has resulted in a surprisingly robust system. The model consists of (1) a large set of programmers distributed around the world who update their local copies of the kernel source code, and (2) a system integrator (Linus) who decides which of these updates will become part of the official release. The model works because quality control is maintained by a talented programmer who understands everything about the system. It also results in quicker bug fixes because the pool of distributed program...
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