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Unformatted text preview: r example, when a Web browser needs a file, it sends a request to a Web server. 605 606 1. client sends request client CHAPTER 12. NETWORK PROGRAMMING server resource 4. client processes response 3. server sends response 2. server processes request Figure 12.1: A client-server transaction. 2. The server receives the request, interprets it, and manipulates its resource in the appropriate way. For example, when a Web server receives a request from a browser, it reads a disk file. 3. The server sends a response to the client, and then waits for the next request. For example, a Web server sends the file back to a client. 4. The client receives the response and manipulates it. For example, after a Web browser receives a page from the server, it displays it on the screen. Aside: Client-server transactions vs database transactions. Client-server transactions are not database transactions and do not share any of their properties. In this context, a transaction simply connotes a sequence of steps by a client and server. End Aside. It is important to realize tha...
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