The number of bytes in a word the word size is a

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Unformatted text preview: tem. CPU: Central Processing Unit, ALU: Arithmetic/Logic Unit, PC: Program counter, USB: Universal Serial Bus. Buses Running throughout the system is a collection of electrical conduits called buses that carry bytes of information back and forth between the components. Buses are typically designed to transfer fixed-sized chunks of bytes known as words. The number of bytes in a word (the word size) is a fundamental system parameter that varies across systems. For example, Intel Pentium systems have a word size of 4 bytes, while serverclass systems such as Intel Itaniums and Sun SPARCS have word sizes of 8 bytes. Smaller systems that are used as embedded controllers in automobiles and factories can have word sizes of 1 or 2 bytes. For simplicity, we will assume a word size of 4 bytes, and we will assume that buses transfer only one word at a time. I/O devices Input/output (I/O) devices are the system’s connection to the external world. Our example system has four I/O devices: a keyboard and mouse for user input, a display for user output, and a disk drive (or simply disk) for long-term...
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