The popl instruction then pops this address into ebx

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Unformatted text preview: 483e6: a1 48 80483eb: 89 08 80483ed: 5d 80483ee: c3 push mov sub call xor mov pop ret nop nop nop %ebp %esp,%ebp $0x8,%esp 80483c8 <swap> %eax,%eax %ebp,%esp %ebp swap(); 5c 94 04 08 94 04 08 48 95 04 08 58 08 push mov mov mov movl mov mov mov mov mov pop ret %ebp 0x804945c,%edx 0x8049458,%eax %esp,%ebp $0x8049458,0x8049548 %ebp,%esp (%edx),%ecx %eax,(%edx) 0x8049548,%eax %ecx,(%eax) %ebp Get *bufp0 Get buf[1] bufp1 = &buf[1] 95 04 08 Get *bufp1 code/link/p-exe.d (a) Relocated .text section. code/link/pdata-exe.d 1 2 3 4 08049454 <buf>: 8049454: 01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 0804945c <bufp0>: 804945c: 54 94 04 08 Relocated! code/link/pdata-exe.d (b) Relocated .data section. Figure 7.10: Relocated .text and data sections for executable file p The original C code is in Figure 7.1. 7.8. EXECUTABLE OBJECT FILES 371 7.8 Executable Object Files We have seen how the linker merges multiple object modules into a single executable object file. Our C program, which began life as a...
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