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Unformatted text preview: e source host to send data bits to another destination host across all of these incompatible networks? The solution is a layer of protocol software running on each host and router that smooths out the differences between the different networks. This software implements a protocol that governs how hosts and routers cooperate in order to transfer data. The protocol must provide two basic capabilities: ¯ ¯ Naming scheme. Different LAN technologies have different and incompatible ways of assigning addresses to hosts. The internet protocol smooths these differences by defining a uniform format for host addresses. Each host is then assigned at least one of these internet addresses that uniquely identifies it. Delivery mechanism. Different networking technologies have different and incompatible ways of encoding bits on wires and of packaging these bits into frames. The internet protocol smoothes these differences by defining a uniform way to bundle up data bits into discrete chunks called packets. A packet consists of a header, which contains the packet size and addresses of the source and destination hosts, and a payload, which contains data bits sent from the source host. Figure 12.7 shows an example of how hosts and routers use the internet protocol to transfer data across incompatible LANs. The example internet co...
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