The vector elements are then referenced by a xed

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Unformatted text preview: ultiplication on such a machine. For each iteration, there is a set of five operations with the same configuration as those in Figure 5.13, with appropriate changes to the operand labels. The arrows from the operators of one iteration to those of another show the data dependencies between the different iterations. Each operator is placed vertically at the highest position possible, subject to the constraint that no arrows can point upward, since this would indicate information flowing backward in time. Thus, the load operation of one iteration can begin as soon as the incl operation of the previous iteration has generated an updated value of the loop index. The computation graph shows the parallel execution of operations by the Execution Unit. On each cycle, all of the operations on one horizontal line of the graph execute in parallel. The graph also demonstrates out-of-order, speculative execution. For example, the incl operation in one iteration is executed before the jl instruction of the previous iteration...
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