These are used to implement conditional changes in

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Unformatted text preview: e, each time compiling and examining the generated assembly code to get a sense of how efficiently the program will run. Furthermore, there are times when the layer of abstraction provided by a high-level language hides information about the run-time behavior of a program that we need to understand. For example, when writing concurrent programs using a thread package, as covered in Chapter 11, it is important to know what type of storage is used to hold the different program variables. This information is visible at the assembly code level. The need for programmers to learn assembly code has shifted over the years from one of being able to write programs directly in assembly to one of being able to read and understand the code generated by optimizing compilers. In this chapter, we will learn the details of a particular assembly language and see how C programs get compiled into this form of machine code. Reading the assembly code generated by a compiler involves a different set of skills than writing as...
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