This gives the following code 1 load c st0 7 neg st1

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Unformatted text preview: use of buffer overflow. However, their Phil Bucking subterfuge was clearly the wrong way to spread this information, from both an ethical and a public relations point of view. End Aside. 3.14 *Floating-Point Code The set of instructions for manipulating floating-point values is one least elegant features of the IA32 architecture. In the original Intel machines, floating point was performed by a separate coprocessor, a unit with its own registers and processing capabilities that executes a subset of the instructions. This coprocessor was implemented as a separate chip named the 8087, 80287, and i387, to accompany the processor chips 8086, 80286, and i386, respectively. During these product generations, chip capacity was insufficient to include both the main processor and the floating-point coprocessor on a single chip. In addition, lower-budget machines would omit floating-point hardware and simply perform the floating-point operations (very slowly!) in software. Since the i486, floating point has been included as part of the IA32 CPU chip. The original 8087 coprocess...
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