This observation is therefore called amdahls law the

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Unformatted text preview: result from the store. graph indicates a CPE of 1.0. Evidentally, some other resource constraint limits the actual performance to a CPE of 2.0. Figure 5.36 shows the timing of the operations for the first two iterations of write_read for the case of example B. Again, the dotted line between the storeaddr and load operations indicates that the the storeaddr operation creates an entry in the store buffer which is then checked by the load. Since these are equal, the load must wait until the storedata operation has completed, and then it gets the data from the store buffer. This waiting is indicated in the graph by a much more elongated box for the load operation. In addition, we show a dashed arrow from the storedata to the load operations to indicate that the result of the storedata is passed to the load as its result. Our timings of these operations are drawn to reflect the measured CPE of 6.0. Exactly how this timing arises is not totally clear, however, and so these figures are intended to be more illustrative than factual. In general, the p...
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