This trace shows a log of these periods for a program

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Unformatted text preview: ctrl-c User hits ctrl-c 8.7 Tools for Manipulating Processes Unix systems provide a number of useful tools for monitoring and manipulating processes. STRACE: Prints a trace of each system call invoked by a program and its children. A fascinating tool for the curious student. Compile your program with -static to get a cleaner trace without a lot of output related to shared libraries. PS: Lists processes (including zombies) currently in the system. Prints information about the resource usage of current processes. Sends a signal to a process. Useful for debugging programs with signal handlers and cleaning up wayward processes. TOP: KILL: /proc (Linux and Solaris) : A virtual filesystem that exports the contents of numerous kernel data structures in an ASCII text form that can be read by user programs. For example, type “cat /proc/loadavg” to see the current load average on your Linux system. 8.8 Summary Exceptional control flow occurs at all levels of a computer system. At the hardware level, exceptions are abrupt changes in the control flow that are triggered by events in the processor. At the operating system level, the kernel triggers abrupt...
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