Understanding link time errors in our experience some

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Unformatted text preview: learn how to tune the performance of our C programs by making simple transformations to the C code that help the compiler do its job. And in Chapter 6 we will learn about the hierarchical nature of the memory system, how C compilers store data arrays in memory, and how our C programs can exploit this knowledge to run more efficiently. ¯ Understanding link-time errors. In our experience, some of the most perplexing programming errors are related to the operation of the linker, especially when are trying to build large software systems. For example, what does it mean when the linker reports that it cannot resolve a reference? What is the difference between a static variable and a global variable? What happens if we define two global variables in different C files with the same name? What is the difference between a static library and a dynamic library? Why does it matter what order we list libraries on the command line? And scariest of all, why do some linker-related errors not appear until run-time? We w...
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