User programs often need to request services from the

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Unformatted text preview: ne the same symbol, and the rules that linkers use for silently resolving these multiple definitions can introduce subtle bugs in user programs. Multiple object files can be concatenated in a single static library. Linkers use libraries to resolve symbol references in other object modules. The left-to-right sequential scan that many linkers use to resolve symbol references is another source of confusing link-time errors. Loaders map the contents of executable files into memory and run the program. Linkers can also produce partially linked executable object files with unresolved references to the routines and data defined in shared library. At load time, the loader maps the partially linked executable into memory and then calls a dynamic linker, which completes the linking task by loading the shared library and relocating the references in the program. Shared libraries that are compiled as position-independent code can be loaded anywhere and shared at run time by multiple processes. Applications can also u...
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