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Unformatted text preview: , the nastiness of memory-related errors was an important motivation for Java, which tightly controls access to the virtual memory by eliminating the ability to take addresses of variables, and by taking complete control of the dynamic storage allocator. Bibliographic Notes Kilburn and his colleagues published the first description of virtual memory [39]. Architecture texts contain additional details about the hardware’s role in virtual memory [31]. Operating systems texts contain additional information about the operating system’s role [66, 79, 71]. Knuth wrote the classic work on storage allocation in 1968 [40]. Since that time there has been a tremendous amount of work in the area. Wilson, Johnstone, Neely, and Boles have written a beautiful survey and performance evaluation of explicit allocators [84]. The general comments in the text about the throughput and utilization of different allocator strategies are taken from this survey. Jones and Lins provide a comprehensive survey of garbage collection [34]. Kernighan and Ritchie [37] show the...
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