Wexitstatusstatus returns the exit status of a

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Unformatted text preview: e. This space is private in the sense that a byte of memory associated with a particular address in the space cannot in general be read or written by any other process. Although the contents of the memory associated with each private address space is different in general, each such space has the same general organization. For example, Figure 8.11 shows the organization of the address space for a Linux process. The bottom three-fourths of the address space is reserved for the user program, with the usual text, data, heap, and stack segments. The top quarter of the address space is reserved for the kernel. This portion of the address space contains the code, data, and stack that the kernel 400 0xffffffff CHAPTER 8. EXCEPTIONAL CONTROL FLOW kernel virtual memory (code, data, heap, stack) 0xc0000000 memory invisible to user code %esp (stack pointer) user stack (created at runtime) 0x40000000 memory mapped region for shared libraries brk run-time heap (created at runtime by malloc) read/write segment (.data, .bss) re...
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