We recommend working the practice problems as a way

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Unformatted text preview: across different combinations of machine, operating system, and compiler. Our treatment of this material is very mathematical. We start with the basic definitions of the encodings and then derive such properties as the range of representable numbers, their bit-level representations, and the properties of the arithmetic operations. We believe it is important to examine this material from such an abstract viewpoint, because programmers need to have a solid understanding of how computer arithmetic relates to the more familiar integer and real arithmetic. Although it may appear intimidating, the mathematical treatment requires just an understanding of basic algebra. We recommend working the practice problems as a way to solidify the connection between the formal treatment and some real-life examples. We derive several ways to perform arithmetic operations by directly manipulating the bit-level representations of numbers. Understanding these techniques will be important for understanding the machine-level code generated when compiling arithmetic expressions. The C++ programming language is bui...
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