We will describe the stack discipline and buffer

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Unformatted text preview: ill learn the answers to these kinds of questions in Chapter 7 Avoiding security holes. For many years now, buffer overflow bugs have accounted for the majority of security holes in network and Internet servers. These bugs exist because too many programmers are ignorant of the stack discipline that compilers use to generate code for functions. We will describe the stack discipline and buffer overflow bugs in Chapter 3 as part of our study of assembly language. ¯ 1.4 Processors Read and Interpret Instructions Stored in Memory At this point, our hello.c source program has been translated by the compilation system into an executable object file called hello that is stored on disk. To run the executable on a Unix system, we type its name to an application program known as a shell: unix> ./hello hello, world unix> The shell is a command-line interpreter that prints a prompt, waits for you to type a command line, and then performs the command. If the first word of the command line does not correspond to...
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