We will learn the basic concepts of threaded programs

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Unformatted text preview: ocess as having a single control flow, in modern system a process can actually consist of multiple execution units, called threads, each running in the context of the process and sharing the same code and global data. Threads are an increasingly important programming model because of the requirement for concurrency in network servers, because it is easier to share data between multiple threads than between multiple processes, and because threads are typically more efficient than processes. We will learn the basic concepts of threaded programs in Chapter 11, and we will learn how to build concurrent network servers with threads in Chapter 12. 1.7.3 Virtual Memory Virtual memory is an abstraction that provides each process with the illusion that it has exclusive use of the main memory. Each process has the same uniform view of memory, which is known as its virtual address space. The virtual address space for Linux processes is shown in Figure 1.13 (Other Unix systems use a similar layout). In Linux, the topmost 1/4 of the address space is reserved for code and data in the operating system t...
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