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Unformatted text preview: ar type:4, binding:4; char reserved; char section; } Elf_Symbol; /* /* /* /* /* /* /* /* string table offset */ section offset, or VM address */ object size in bytes */ data, func, section, or src file name (4 bits) */ local or global (4 bits) */ unused */ section header index, ABS, UNDEF, */ or COMMON */ code/link/elfstructs.c Figure 7.4: ELF symbol table entry. type and binding are four bits each. are distinct types for these objects as well. The binding field indicates whether the symbol is local or global. Each symbol is associated with some section of the object file, denoted by the section field, which is an index into the section header table. There are three special pseudo-sections that don’t have entries in the section header table: ABS is for symbols that should not be relocated. UNDEF is for undefined symbols, that is, symbols that are referenced in this object module but defined elsewhere. COMMON is for uninitialized data objects that are not yet allocated. For COMMON symbols...
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