C figure 55 initial implementation of combining

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Unformatted text preview: of C, such as the ability to perform pointer arithmetic and casting, make it challenging to optimize. Programmers can often write their programs in ways that make it easier for compilers to generate efficient code. In approaching the issue of program development and optimization, we must consider how the code will be used and what critical factors affect it. In general, programmers must make a trade-off between how easy a program is to implement and maintain, and how fast it will run. At an algorithmic level, a simple insertion sort can be programmed in a matter of minutes, whereas a highly efficient sort routine may take a day or more to implement and optimize. At the coding level, many low-level optimizations tend to reduce code readability and modularity. This makes the programs more susceptible to bugs and more difficult to modify or extend. For a program that will just be run once to generate a set of data points, it is more important to write it in a way that minimizes programming effort and ensures correctness. For code that will be executed repeatedly in a performance-critical e...
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