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Unformatted text preview: appear in either the .data or .bss sections. 354 CHAPTER 7. LINKING .bss: Uninitialized global C variables. This section occupies no actual space in the object file; it is merely a place holder. Object file formats distinguish between initialized and uninitialized variables for space efficiency: uninitialized variables do not have to occupy any actual disk space in the object file. .symtab: A symbol table with information about functions and global variables that are defined and referenced in the program. Some programmers mistakenly believe that a program must be compiled with the -g option to get symbol table information. In fact, every relocatable object file has a symbol table in .symtab. However, unlike the symbol table inside a compiler, the .symtab symbol table does not contain entries for local variables. .rel.text: A list of locations in the .text section that will need to be modified when the linker combines this object file with others. In general, any instruction that calls an exter...
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