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Unformatted text preview: ore conclude that the run times are 35.98 ms and 35.89 ms, respectively. For the Load 4 case, we also see measurements clustered around 125.3 ms, and six around 155.8 ms, but we can safely discard these as overestimates. We call this approach to measurement the “à -Best Scheme.” It requires setting three parameters: Ã: ¯: The number of measurements we require to be within some close range of the fastest. How close the measurements must be. That is, if the measurements in ascending order are labeled Ú½ Ú¾ Ú , then we require ´½ · ¯µÚ½ Úà . The maximum number of measurements before we give up. Å: 468 CHAPTER 9. MEASURING PROGRAM EXECUTION TIME Our implementation performs a series of trials, and maintains an array of the à fastest times in sorted order. With each new measurement, it checks whether it is faster than the current one in array position à . If so, it replaces array element à and then performs a series of interchanges between adjacent array positions to mo...
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