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Unformatted text preview: executes a portion of its flow and then is preempted (temporarily suspended) while other processes take their turns. To 8.2. PROCESSES Process A Process B Process C 399 Time Figure 8.10: Logical control flows. Processes provide each program with the illusion that it has exclusive use of the processor. Each vertical bar represents a portion of the logical control flow for a process. a program running in the context of one of these processes, it appears to have exclusive use of the processor. The only evidence to the contrary is that if we were to precisely measure the elapsed time of each instruction (see Chapter 9), we would notice that the CPU appears to periodically stall between the execution of some of the instructions in our program. However, each time the processor stalls, it subsequently resumes execution of our program without any change to the contents of the program’s memory locations or registers. In general, each logical flow is independent of any other flow in the sense that the logical flows associated with different processes...
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