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Unformatted text preview: nal function or references a global variable will need to be modified. On the other hand, instructions that call local functions do not need to be modified. Note that relocation information is not needed in executable object files, and is usually omitted unless the user explicitly instructs the linker to include it. .rel.data: Relocation information for any global variables that are referenced or defined by the module. In general, any initialized global variable whose initial value is the address of a global variable or externally defined function will need to be modified. .debug: A debugging symbol table with entries for local variables and typedefs defined in the program, global variables defined and referenced in the program, and the original C source file. It is only present if the compiler driver is invoked with the -g option. .line: A mapping between line numbers in the original C source program and machine code instructions in the .text section. It is only present if the compiler driver is invoked with the -g option. .strtab: A stri...
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